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Re: End of Shadow War = Lame

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(1) The fact that a couple of ships with people we've never seen on them sacrifice themselves for Sheridan doesn't seem like a show-stopping moment to me. I certainly don't believe that the Shadows (or the Vorlons) that we've seen thus far would blink at this. They'd certainly have mowed down a great number more ships before even blinking.
That was a short amount of time to convey a rather complex ideal, but again ... given the point at which it was discovered that there would be no fifth season, how could what you wish be accomplished?

(2) Sheridan doesn't have a lot of moral authority, IMO. Every time I see the beginning of season four, I find myself agreeing with Garibaldi. Who the f*ck is this Lorien guy supposed to be? Sheridan doesn't stop for a second to explain himself to anyone. He certainly owes this to his command staff. It's a good thing they back him up regardless.
Don't forget that while Garibaldi is suspicious by nature, he was still "adjusted" by Bester. Moreover, don't forget that Garibaldi before said adjustment went to G'Kar and let him have it for not sending a Narn cruiser out in "Walkabout", that the "captain has the moral authority to say you may not come back" (sic). This is doubtless the stance that the rest of the command staff took, even if we didn't see it on-screen. Telling the command staff would be helpful from one perspective, that's true... yet there is still the problem of Ulkesh at this point. Sheridan has to take a hard-nosed approach, a willingness to make those tough choices.

(3) There's the inevitable anti-climax of the only way where the human (and aliens) are able to defeat the Shadows and the Vorlons is to get a few other First Ones.
That is one thing I was disappointed in, that the other "First Ones" seemed to be little more than window dressing. They didn't seem to have much in the way of things to do. Even with Lorien's explanation.

(4) Add to that the lack of complexity in characterization for the Shadows and the Vorlons in the final scene (Sheridan's paternalistic "now get the hell out of our galaxy" is the obvious, and embarrassing, example that continues to be glaring).
Then we will have to agree to disagree. To me it is NOT so "obvious" or "glaring", because i understand the set-up to this point, as well as the constraints placed upon the show creators due to the loss of S5. That doesn't help the newcomer to the show, I agree. But I just don't feel that line is such a glaring problem. It's simply a succinct, if a bit overwrought, summary of the plotline's resolution in a timeline forced upon the show creators.

I love the idea that this is an ideological conflict that cannot be ended with weapons. But I absolutely loathe the execution. Others, of course, will disagree. But there it is.
Loath seems to be too strong a reaction. I'm disappointed because I would have liked to have seen more detail and more involvement in this and other stories (the Minbari civil war for one). But "loathing"? I think if that's your reaction then maybe - but only maybe because you did one helluva job in research - your expectations are a bit unrealistic given the constraints.
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