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Re: Grade 5x08 - "The Queen"

Hmmmm......above average, but barely.

I just wish that Teyla was a bit more of....well, a bitch while playing the uber-Queen, you know? Like when that bald Wraith welcomed her & Todd onto the hive, I was half-expecting her to say something like "This is the welcome you provide for me? This!!? I should feed on you for this insult! Take me to your Queen, while you still can!"

I was also surprised that she wasn't forced into a situation where she was expected to feed on John and Co. in front of the other Wraith. That would have been interesting, and would have provided more tension that the scence we got where Todd killed Mr. Bald Wraith.

Still, I would have been happy to see this 'Teyla as uber-Queen' story play out for a few more episodes. Let's face it, it would be more interesting then the usual 'Teyla on Altantis' stuff.

And of course, Todd just steals the show. If SGA was going to a sixth season, they could do a lot worse than making the guy a regular. Always nice to have someone in the mix whose agenda isn't always going to match those of the core group.
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