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Re: End of Shadow War = Lame

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Yep. That's one of the bigger writing blunders I've seen on an otherwise well-written sci fi TV show. You'll get people trying to justify it, but you really can't justify it according to the internal logic of the story. The external logic must also be there - a story must be structured so that a conflict ramps up to a satisfying conclusion, not just fizzles out because the writer can't come up with anything better.
Whether it was a satisfying conclusion is VERY open to interpretation. This was never about a "gee whiz space battle". However, it was about that ideological battle Sheridan speaks about. Everything I have ever read or heard about the show's development indicates that. This was not something jms just threw in there because he couldn't write his way out. It certainly was not perfectly executed, but then that was caused more by outside factors than the series' design. B5 was not a series that spelled things out in clear-cut, can't miss lettering such as you got in Trek ad nauseum.

Don't misconstrue me as a blindly faithful B5 apologist. Yet as Lindley puts it, the clues are there. The setup is there. It simply isn't displayed as vividly as audiences - myself included - have come to expect. Perhaps it does require a certain amount of rewatching, and that could be a flaw in some folks' eyes. OTOH, I rather apprecaite the chance taken on a different path.
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