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Re: End of Shadow War = Lame

Yep. That's one of the bigger writing blunders I've seen on an otherwise well-written sci fi TV show. You'll get people trying to justify it, but you really can't justify it according to the internal logic of the story. The external logic must also be there - a story must be structured so that a conflict ramps up to a satisfying conclusion, not just fizzles out because the writer can't come up with anything better.

I love the fact that the war is resolved through Sheridan standing in front of these powerful elder races and telling them that they're wrong and they aren't needed any longer.
In theory, this might have worked, but the execution fell far short. The first problem is that Sheridan was not built up to the level - in terms of moral authority - where I would believe for one minute the Shadows and Vorlons would care what he had to say on this or any other topic.

This plot twist is certainly better than a dumb-ass shoot-out (tho those can also be good), but required a hell of a lot more establishing work that never happened - work on not just Sheridan but also the Vorlons and especially the Shadows who were nothing more than cyphers who, as far as we knew, respected only power. Now they have a moral conscience? Since when?

Also in this scene, Sheridan and Delenn do a lot of talking/explaining the overall picture of what's been going on and it was quite clunky
Over-exposition is a sure sign of a plot twist that hasn't been adequately set up. If it had been, we'd all instantly "get" what's happening without anyone having to say much at all. It's that "OH!" factor that all great plot twists have - you don't see it coming but you get it when it arrives. Very hard to pull off well, and writers often flub this, either by making the foreshadowing too obvious so it's not a surprise, or (as seems to be the case here) not making the foreshadowing obvious enough.

and Sheridan's acting was quite wooden.
Blame whoever hired Boxleitner, I don't think the guy is capable of the level of acting that would be required even if the scene had been properly set up and written.

Another problem here is the stature of the villains. Great villains have stature that overshadows the hero - they may not be morally right, but they have other qualities, such as the courage to take risks, strategic savvy, wisdom. The Vorlons and Shadows were revealed to lack stature, which made them unworthy adversaries. I don't want to watch a story about childish morons. That's what TNZ is for.

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