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Re: End of Shadow War = Lame

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Additionally the entire season 4 was a bit rushed because during production time it was unsure if B5 would get a 5th season. JMS had the entire show planned out in 5 seasons and if i recall correctly the Shadow war should have ended with the season 4 cliffhanger and other events past it should take up 5th season as a whole.
Unbeknownst to the fans at the time, the fifth season wasn't just uncertain due to the demise of the PTEN network, JMS had been told on no uncertain terms that he had to wrap the show up in season 4.

While JMS has said that he'd planned the Shadow War to be a couple of episodes longer, it wasn't planned for it to be the season cliffhanger. The cliffhanger would have been events that happened in 417.

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I thought it was a let down to. The series was setting up something far greater then what we got in the end. The Shadows deciding to just leave was not what we thought we were going to get.
It had been established that the Shadows and Vorlons could wipe out everything on every planet. How else could it realistically have ended if not by reason rather than warfare?

As for the reactions of the Shadows, the Shadow figure asked if Lorien would go with them because it had been established back in "Revelations" that the Shadows always returned to Z'ha'dum and Lorien explains that it's because of his presence in "Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi". It's less clear why the Vorlon figure needed reassurance but since it came after Lorien's explaining that they'd be seeing all of the other First Ones who'd gone beyond the Rim before, I just took it as relief that they wouldn't just be stuck with their ancient enemy.

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I thought it was absolutely excellent. First, it wasn't just another cliched shootout.
That's the main point. I love the fact that the war is resolved through Sheridan standing in front of these powerful elder races and telling them that they're wrong and they aren't needed any longer. It's the moment that starts the third age of mankind (I assumed) and brings the younger races into their ascendancy and how much better is it that its achieved with words rather than firepower? Even if the younger races had allied with the Vorlons or the Shadows and defeated the other side then their allies would still be around and the younger races would never be truly free. Of course, the elder races could have rejected Sheridan's speech and devastated the galaxy, but what would the point have been, beyond arrogance and vengeance that they were supposed to have evolved beyond.
The end of the Shadow War did suffer from the shortened season but I think it still holds together. For all that it was established that the Shadows and Vorlons had lost their way and were no longer fulfilling their obligations as mentors to the younger races, it was never suggested that they were stupid and it would have been stupidity of the first order for them to try to continue the fight to the destruction of the races they were supposed to have guided.

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