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Re: End of Shadow War = Lame

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I thought it was absolutely excellent. First, it wasn't just another cliched shootout.
That's the main point. I love the fact that the war is resolved through Sheridan standing in front of these powerful elder races and telling them that they're wrong and they aren't needed any longer. It's the moment that starts the third age of mankind (I assumed) and brings the younger races into their ascendancy and how much better is it that its achieved with words rather than firepower? Even if the younger races had allied with the Vorlons or the Shadows and defeated the other side then their allies would still be around and the younger races would never be truly free. Of course, the elder races could have rejected Sheridan's speech and devastated the galaxy, but what would the point have been, beyond arrogance and vengeance that they were supposed to have evolved beyond.
Once the truth of the Shadow war was made known to the other races niether side could kill enough of them off to continue the conflict according to the rules. Once the younger races were allowed to be free to decide their own destiny the First Ones were no longer needed, I agree it's the perfect ending of the war. Sheridan had to end the cycle of the conflict between the Vorlons and the Shadows not wipe them out which they coldn't do anyway.
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