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End of Shadow War = Lame

***Don't post spoilers for stuff after the Babylon 5 Season 4 episode "Into The Fire"***

I recently saw the episode that ends the Shadow War (I'm not just taking their word that it's over, though). I must say that this end to the war was quite unsatisfying. The unsatisfying part is the Vorlons and Shadows being reduced to the level of whining children. Lorien explains stuff and the whiny Vorlon and Shadow ask him if he'll go with them when they leave and go beyond the rim. They were shockingly whiny and childlike. It felt totally unbelievable. Lorien says yes and it's all over. Also in this scene, Sheridan and Delenn do a lot of talking/explaining the overall picture of what's been going on and it was quite clunky and Sheridan's acting was quite wooden. Did this scene come off unsatisfyingly weak to anyone else? In my opinion, the Londo storyline has been done very well and is the best part of the series.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the series. This end of the war scene was just a letdown.
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