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Re: I have read Titan #1, #2, & #3...reading #4

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Unfortunately, I've so far found each new installment of this series a significant step down from its immediate antecedent. Taking Wing was half excellent and half mediocre (I suspect I like one of the co-writers work, but not the other; I've no idea whose writing I like), The Red King was generally bland with both outstanding and unfortunate portions, Orion's Hounds was altogether bad (except for the alien science officer who left the ship), and Sword of Damocles was terrible. I hold out hope still. The next volume might win me over.

Also, I love Doctor Ree and Christine Vale.
same here, I loved Dentara the Romulan female. It was the Romulans and Klingons and Remans which made #1 so good. I hate Captain William Riker, he let Dentara get away with cold blooded murder of a Klingon and he knows it! Sure you don't want the Romulan-Federation relationship getting worse but by covering up Muder...thats so wrong

I like Vale.
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