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Re: Lowering sea level.

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Put stargate on mars one on earth int he ocean, open the stargate and wait and wait even at that rate it would take a while to lower the sea level a centimeter. Though you could create some nice big lakes on mars.
yes but since mars has no magnetic field to speak of and in any case is too
cold for water in liquid form, you'd be wasting water better sent to orbit for use later in space exploration.

If you could raise marses temperature, the water would gas into the atmosphere and be blown away by the cosmic wind, which is what happened to marses atmosphere the first time.

Perhaps you should leave these problems to the experts.
well, brainstorming can be fine if it doesn't go silly. Unless thats the point. Which maybe it is?
Do you want solutions to the problem ? Or is this human thought recreation?
please come help get us into space for real!!
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