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wow, that was quite fascinating the Chi thing. I thought i knew a lot about trek and i didn't know that. I had even developed my own alternate explanation which was a lot like that but mine was based on gravity; where
Hyper-subpsace is actually a node to node network of gravitational singularities in the place of stars and planets; my hypothetical explanation thus was that theres a gravitationally determined medium and that thus flying through "empty space" is slower than flying through gravitationally "knitted"
space. This also had some nice explanatory power for naturally occuring wormholes.

So, I guess my question then becomes reading further regarding your "sourcing" of materials; By your definition of treknology i should leave you alone and count myself lucky for being smart enough not to participate.
But before I run off, let me say why. My version of treknology is to take
current applied known physics and science and attempt to extrapolate reasonable futurists geusstimates. This tends to actually often put me at odds with cannon, but thats never bothered me much because I am far more interested in building the enterprise than chatting with muggles.

That said, where and how does a vulcan fit into your process schema?
please come help get us into space for real!!
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