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Humor on nuBSG

I was just going through parts of the series and came across a scene in "Downloaded" which is hilarious, I think. It's typical of nuBSG's sense of humor, I think, and one of the things I love about the show.

I'll go into detail about the moment in question (as well as another scene that just came to mind) in just a moment. First, let me just say that I'd like to use this thread to list any moments on nuBSG that you think are really humorous. They can be similar to these or completely different. Whatever brings a smile to your face while watching.

Anyway, on to some examples of my own...

The scene I was talking about above is the one near the end of "Downloaded" where Sharon, Six, D'Ana, and Anders are trapped and waiting to be rescued. Anders tries to shoot D'Ana but she manages to get out of the way, and Sharon disarms Anders.
D'Ana then picks up the gun, points it at Anders (obviously about to shoot him) and says: "God loves me". Next thing, you see Six coming up in behind with a big chunk of concrete and just slamming it on D'Ana's head.

I think it's absolutely hilarious the way that moment is played. Yes, it's very violent, but I simply love the irony and the contrast of D'Ana's lofty spiritual musings with the very mundane and literally hard nature of a piece of concrete.

There's another scene that's similar, in a sense, in "Rapture". I think it's also very funny because it has the same kind of contrast (Baltar is hoping to find out if he's a Cylon and thus one of God's chosen ones, apparently, only to get hit on the head by a gun whose physical nature is in no doubt at all).

I think you've just got to love a moment that goes:
Baltar: "God, tell me the truth before I die!"
Tyroll: "Welcome home, Mr. President." *whack*
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