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Re: I have read Titan #1, #2, & #3...reading #4

I've got to say Sword of Damocles was my favourite of the series so far - though judging by some reviews I read, I'm in the minority. The story had some plot points I didn't really enjoy (I concede the author can't please everyone ) but overall, I felt some of the supporting characters got some well-earned time in the limelight, and you get to know some of the crew a little better. Also you get a bit more feel for everyday life aboard Titan (it has THE MOST DIVERSE CREW IN THE FLEET you know).

One of things I haven't enjoyed about the series was THE MOST DIVERSE CREW IN THE FLEET being thrown at you every couple of paragraphs. This book I think only mentions that it's THE MOST DIVERSE CREW IN THE FLEET once, and then just gets on with it. And also the fact that in the first three books, you're introduced to something like a third of the crew, without getting a feel for any of them.

Another problem I've had is I don't feel I can really connect with some of the more "alien" characters - could be down to my limited imagination, but I much more enjoy the interactions say between the Brikar science officer and Dakal. One exception to that is I actually like Doctor Ree (though I admit I've kinda imagined him as Rex from Toy Story).

If the rest of the series carries on in the spirit of Sword of Damocles, maybe with a bit more action, or focusing on a core group of characters again, then the series will continue to be strong for a long time.

Hope you enjoy Sword of Damocles
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