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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
Yeah, I have to admit, I like Macet. He's savvy enough to realize how the Founders have played the Cardassians. (Kinda wonder how the Italians felt about the Nazis, once things started going south.)
It also helps that anything Dukat says, he's going to be looking at with VERY suspicious eyes. But even if he weren't related, I suspect that being the kind of man he is, he'd figure it out.

Great imagery in this segment. I get the mental picture of a harsh, foreboding landscape and a utilitarian but efficient prison camp. For some reason, everything appears in shades of gray to my mind - even the food.
Gibraltar wrote: View Post
I'll second the terrific use of imagery here, as well as Macet's revealing conversation with Spirodopoulos. And why do I hear the faint sound of men whistling Bridge on the River Kwai?
Thanks...oddly enough, I am sometimes told my imagery is very strong and yet I always feel so weak while I am describing things, especially compared to what I've seen others do, including here.

Oddly enough, I never said anything much about the exact look of the Lessekda landscape, but Redshirt hit it pretty close: it's not exactly a tree-infested place, at least not in this area.

About the food--considering the descriptions we've seen of what Cardassians eat, I had to figure that when faced with a whole bunch of other species, some of which don't share their tastes and nutritional requirements, they'd be a little concerned. Rest assured they've figured out how they're going to do it--but it certainly took some doing.
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