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Re: Heroes interview!

ACCCCKK!!! No way. I hope.

I got caught up on Heroes over the especially long hiatus. I can see why some complained about season two, though I didn't think it was that bad. Obviously they were planning for a huge payoff in the second half with the virus storyline and they got fucked by the strike. That being said, what possible purpose is Maya and her black eye oozing power going to serve now that she can't suck the plague out of people (I understand that was the original intent)?

Oh well. All I know is that Nathan Petrelli is an exotic hunk of beefcake. Watching him breathe on screen is entertainment enough. Anything else is gravy. The man's eyes are stunning. I didn't know that Pasdar has been married to Natalie Maines for ten years. I'm surprised the press and radio stations didn't rip into her about that during her flap about being ashamed that Bush was from their state, with Pasdar being half Iranian and all.

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