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One thing i wanted to ask (sorry if this is a stupid question. i keep reading on this word CANON being mentioned when talking about making the timeline fit. could someone explain to me what CANON actually means.
The Memory Alpha entry here is probably as good a place as any to start (and far less inflammatory than some explanations you're likely to find.)

The Wikipedia link provides a further, more general, background on the subject.
thanks for the quick response guys. expect me to ask a lot more questions over the coming weeks. i've only been a fan for about 3 years. before that it was a passing familiarity. my mate for his 21st paid for and him to go to vegas to see the experience and have his picture taken on the bridge in uniform and since then i've been hooked. i would say that my DS9 knowledge is excellent, and TNG and voyager is good. not yet watched enterprise. i finally got all the episodes off my friend tonight so that takes care of my weekend lol. i know very little about TOS, and my tech knowledge is poor, but i look forward to learning more. thanks again for the responses, i had an idea that was what it meant, but i thought the letter C A N O N actually stood for real words (if that maes sense)
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