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just wanted to say that i am hugely looking forward to this movie. since the experience closed this month, it has felt like star trek has died, but this movie can keep things alive if it is good and more importantly - accurate.

One thing i wanted to ask (sorry if this is a stupid question. i keep reading on this word CANON being mentioned when talking about making the timeline fit. could someone explain to me what CANON actually means.

Thanks in advance
Its basically the history of the show. If its onscreen, its canon. If you see it or someone says it - its canon.

If Kirk says "I was born in Iowa", that is now canon (part of the history of the show) from there on in. They can't turn round and say he was born in calcutta. That would violate "canon".

Problem is, the show has been going for 42 years, and it makes it very difficult to come up with anything new, especially if it contridicts some obsure line of dialogue written years before.

Were it up to me, I'd throw everything out and start again. But that's just my opinion

Books are not canon though. Nor are Comics. Written material (with a few exceptions) is not canon.
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