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I still want to see them. I want to see the entire world of Batman, or at least as much of it as possible, not just its central character. Now would they have to be shoehorned in? I don't think so. If Nolan and his team are thinking about the whole mythos and not just the direction of Batman himself, then including some familiar villains shouldn't be a problem. A good story or at least some side story that flows naturally should come together if these villains are seen as a part of Batman instead of extras that have to be forced in.
I get what you're saying. Batman's Rogue's Gallery has always been among the best because they are interestnig characters in their own right. The thing is, a movie trilogy is structured differently than a monthly series of stories. It's great to explore various villains when you have to pump out two stories every month (Batman and Detective Comics), but when you're telling what is essentially a single story, things have to be more focused. Most of the suggestions that have been floated around here seem to be thinking of the movies as if they were episodes when they are really acts in a single story - and that story is about Bruce Wayne, not about the larger world of the entire mythos because there just isn't time to go exploring the depths of other characters, which is why these movies have (wisely) been short of origin stories for the villains. So what does the Riddler do for where Batman was left at the end of TDK? What does Catwoman do for it? I'm not saying these characters absolutely wouldn't work, but I would hate to think that they are beginning the story process with - okay we're going to use the Riddler, instead of - what happens now that Batman is hunted and Gotham is traumatized? A lot of fans seem to really want them to start with the villains and work from there, and I just don't get that. And I really think this is a creative team that could add something lasting to the mythos, which rather needs an infusion of creativity right now since all DC can think to do is recycle the Silver Age. Plus, one of the bad things that happens to superhero stories in the movies is feeling the need to be bound to the established material and thus being left with only second string villians in the later installments.
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