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Re: The Dark Knight Megathread (USE THIS! Love, the mods)

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A comic book movie has a long, uphill battle being nominated for the Academy Awards. And, regardless, I don't think The Dark Knight should be nominated, perhaps outside of Ledger's performance. It was good, but it was not great. And I fully expect the sea of 'Oscar bait' movies to have more than a few more worthy entries.

Not that the Oscars have ever been about what is worthy. It's politics, and the politics of business. So this might work.
The Oscars also seem to like to give nominations to movies no one's ever heard of. Usually, box office success hurts movies because they want to go the look-at-how-knowledgeable-and-cultured-about-movies-I-am-with-my-selections route. Though Titanic was an obvious exception, and I'm still not sure why A Few Good Men and Ghost were nominated.

If they snub an artist for truly outstanding work, sometimes they award him or her the Oscar for lesser material.
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