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Yes, damn those people who released a the new German translation of The Lord of the Rings a few years back.
The arguments of those who wanted to cling to the old translation over the new and improved one where quite similar to those here about TOS-R.
Tread carefully there, now laddie. This is the kind of thinking that got us the King James Version of the bible, which from what my biblical scholar friends tell me, is the most fucked-over reinterpretation of all time, and is probably responsible for more pointless deaths and meaningless wars than we can count or imagine.

Those are the kind of improvements nobody needs or should want, because it becomes a matter of not just ignore the facts and print the legend, but 'live like the legend or we'll cut your throat.'
The new translation is obviously closer to the original English - an improvement.
It is therefor better. But 'purists' (like yourself) who cannot cope with the changes (even for the better) still insist that one doesn't meddle with the original translation.
I don't know the history on Tolkien, and furthermore, not being into that kind of fantasy, I don't really care either.

Retaining or enhancing accuracy SHOULD BE the ideal on any revisiting, just it rarely seems to shake down that way ... as a result, the new inaccuracies introduced create the need for such purists, to try and retain or uncover some more truthful original record.
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