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Re: If STNG were remastered...

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In that case they'd have a contingency for non-HD programs. They're not going to wipe away 60 years of television because it's old and not in HD!
Actually, if you're a fan of truly classic television, then HD programming might produce a revival of the eras you enjoy.

The fact is that there are forty years worth of various television broadcasts that were shot and produced on film prior to the "video revolution" of the eighties. Shows shot and produced on film will be relatively easy to transfer to HD, since the source material (barring age degradation) is of higher quality.

The problem we're running into with shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, is that while the show was shot on film, it was produced on video. All of the special effects work was created with a medium that produces very low-quality images and degrades rapidly. The Next Generation is lucky, though; other shows that were shot entirely in video have little chance of an HD release, and may very well fall by the wayside over the next twenty years.

Unfortunately, replacing the special effects work is going to be key to the survival of this series, both so that it can continue to be broadcast and so that newer generations will even give it a shot. It's not just a case of attracting "Joe Six-Pack;" folks of all backgrounds have difficulty swallowing some of the older effects (my girlfriend sits and chuckles when we watch the original Star Wars together, but she loves the visuals on the new ones).
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