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Re: Difference Between Earth Starfleet and the UESPA?

And what I think is wrong with the world today (well, one of many things) is that too many people give in to such beliefs.
Much seconded. I'm honestly curious - what would be the practical means of fighting this? What would you do to demonstrate your patriotism without becoming labeled militant?

I did hear talk of a real-world movement to change the name of the actual USAF slightly, to United States Aerospace Force. I wonder if that was ever real, or just an urban legend.
Ben Bova popularized the idea somewhat in his Kinsman novels where the USAF hero, during a pseudorealistically portrayed era of transition to real space age, tries to promote the new interpretation of the 'A'. I haven't heard of a real-world movement to that effect, though.

Timo Saloniemi

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