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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Hmm. The email notification seems to be working spottily.

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That could just be me, though.
That movie always looked funny, but I just never liked that guy whose name I can't say without giving away the Spoiler.

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I don't know, it sort of makes sense alongside the other two monsters. Drac feeds only on blood, and the Frankenstein monster is powered solely by electricity.
And soup.

It struck me as odd initially, but it doesn't really bother me.
It doesn't bother me, either, but it interests me. Well, I'll be watching these for my Halloween Marathon, so I should catch any references.

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Dread Central has posted a great review of The Fly: the Opera.

Man, I'd like to see that, just for how bizarre it sounds.
Magnifico! Actually, that video isn't working for me; I'll have to check YouTube later. That sounds almost as freaky as the Star Trek opera they were talking about a few years ago.

Well, I got the first volume of the Creepy archives yesterday, and it looks great. Incredible EC vibe in those early years, and not just because of the EC veterans. Also, some beautiful Frank Frazetta work.

I just read some news about the new season of Supernatural of interest to readers of this Thread. There will an episode in black-and -white that will be an homage to the old Universal movies-- you know how much I love that sort of thing --and also an episode delving into the pagan roots of Halloween. This is one of the better shows on TV, so I recommend it to anyone who hasn't been watching.
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