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Re: Fringe: "Pilot" 9/9 - Grading & Discussion (SPOILERS)

Apparently John Noble's thesis adviser was the Professor from Gilligans's Island. The "science" was not just impossible, but lacked creativity or style of any sort.

Taking a day trip with a relative does not cure psychosis, even if John Noble sounds very soulful while talking about waking up.

If the son is such a scamp the threat of a file can blackmail him, why is he so nice? He can't be a pedophile because his motivation is the hots for Ms FBI.

How on Earth is killing your twin brother a smart move in dealing with a rogue FBI agent?

How can the other twin possibly remember what was in his storage lockup? Obviously, he can't, except another piece of shit wants to tell us THERE'S A TICKING CLOCK BUT TORTURE ALWAYS WORKS. Rupert Murdoch and Fox, still making money by pandering to the evil, the stupid and the stupid and evil.

In all fairness, the dream sequence had power. The airplane sequence was gruesome. The scene anvils were obtrusive, but they were at least creative, something the show is rather short on. One armed woman somehow owned the scene. So, below average, instead of poor.
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