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On-topic, I hope Nolan's next film will not re-imagine more villains that we've seen before. Is Batman's rogues gallery so thin that the movies must endlessly recyle Joker, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman?
Amen, brother. I'd really like to see a completely original villain. If any franchise could pull that off, this one could.
They could include both original and familar villains. One of the highlights of this new series is seeing how the old villains are re-imagined, or trying to figure out how they'll be done if they haven't shown up yet. I wouldn't want to see these movies do away with that.
I would argue that nothing terribly radical has been done with most of the villains. Joker was simply translated straight from Killing Joke and Arkham Asylum - if anything it was enjoyable to finally see him come to screen as he is in the best comic stories. Scarecrow was barely even in Begins, and there were more tantalizing hints to his character in that movie than any real development or new interpretations. The closest thing to real change was in merging Ra's and Ducard, and taking away the supernatural elements of the character, which, granted, was a vast improvement. I honestly couldn't care less about seeing further familiar villains show up as I don't think that including them in any way automatically improves the quality of the stories. If anything it threatens them as the creative team has to try to shoehorn them in, instead of having the freedom to go where the story leads. Keep in mind some of the best characters in Batman's world were first invented in other media - Barbara Gordon, Renee Montoya, and Harley Quinn all came from the various television series. Wouldn't it be fitting for Nolan and Co. to be able to contribute someone permanent to the Batman canon before they're done?
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