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Re: Difference Between Earth Starfleet and the UESPA?

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Not on the level of the major "nations", I guess. Doesn't mean the concept couldn't exist at several other hierarchial levels, with e.g. the UFP being an IGO for its members.
Only if you're using the most liberal definition of "IGO." I mean, by that logic, the United States government is an IGO for US states, or the Canadian Parliament is an IGO for Canadian Provinces. It's certainly not a meaningful definition of the term "IGO" if you start applying it to sovereign states' relationships with their federalist constituent divisions.

The idea that, say, Capella IV and the Klingon Empire would be considered political entities on the same level is pretty absurd.
In terms of relative power, they aren't. But it's pretty clear that both Capella and the Klingon Empire are sovereign states, possessing a defined territory, the power to make compulsory law within their territory, and the legal monopoly on the use of violence within their territory. Legally, they're both states.
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