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Re: Fringe: "Pilot" 9/9 - Grading & Discussion (SPOILERS)

It was intriguing but not amazing; a disappointment, really.

For a $10 million budget pilot, I was shocked at how dull and slow the episode was. They spend 2/3 of the runtime sitting on their standing set doing nothing. The main character was completely dull and uninspired, your generic tragic heroine (see the pilots of Alias and Bionic Woman). In fact, the entire thing felt like Lost and Alias and Bionic Woman and X-Files in a blender. And Lance Reddick was entirely disappointing after his mesmorisingly mysterious role in Lost.

As for the good... John Noble was great. I look forward to this character. Also the shady son was entertaining, particularly his interactions with Crazy Dad. I could care less about Agent Olivia, but these two are the star of the show. The decaying skin bit was extremely cool/creepy. The car chases were nice.

I guess I'm in the minority but I had no clue her goo-ed lover was going to be a bad guy. That surprised me.
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