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Re: Difference Between Earth Starfleet and the UESPA?

Yes, of course, the militant patriots define militarism as patriotism. That's what they do.

Doesn't make them -- or you -- right.
Essentially, it does. I mean, what alternative expression is there for patriotism? None that wouldn't be laughed out of court, or dismissed as unpatriotic wussiness. Alas.

You can be patriotic about all sorts of things, but to express it still calls for you to either wave the flag and sing the song, or then go kill people. And it's very, very difficult to separate the first alternative from an embracing of the second, as all the other possible contents for the inherently rather content-free act of flagwaving tend to be easily dismissible.

Patriotism as a concept is fine with me. It's just that the word itself can no longer be used the way it was intended, no matter how loud or clearly one speaks. It's ruined for good.

OTOH, the subsequent conference takes place on Khitomer because it is "a neutral site," even though it is later known as a Klingon colony, so YMMV...
One might even argue that it is a Romulan site, considering the building has Romulan symbols on the outside, not Klingon and UFP ones. Then again, the interior has predominantly UFP symbols, in addition to the collection of flags on the wall. And the hall is divided in four, after basic colors: a strange green group of human-looking folks with an aurora symbol, and then red Klingons and blue Feds separated by the yellow of Romulans and/or Vulcans in the middle, again suggesting a host/mediator role for the "neutral" Romulans.

If Khitomer is a Romulan colony, then it would understandably be considered "neutral" here - and it would make sense for the Romulans and the Klingons to quarrel about it in the pre-TNG era, with the ownership changing every now and then.

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