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Re: If STNG were remastered...

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Actually FX CAN improve story-TELLING if the new images can make the script payoff....TOS-R's Galileo 7 for example. But if you can improve ONE element out of all that go into production (ie: sound, visuals, lighting, cinematography, etc) then why not.

The real question would be "why"? If you are going to waste money, time and effort then you might as well remake the damn thing. I think it's quite arrogant to think that you can actually improve an author's work. To me it's the same as suggesting that someone try and improve The Lord of The Rings books. They are a product of their time and what we need to do, instead of trying to "improve" them, is educate our young people about history and how to place things within the context of their time. This "old is boring" crap is for the birds! To me it speaks about how we have let down our younger people in not giving them a proper education. The video game generation is a sorely lacking in values and how to hold on to and embrace the past and yet move forward.

It costs a LOT less to remake a few FX than to start up production from square one!

From a technical standpoint, I think it doesn't matter if they are a product of their time...if its quality work, something like ST lends itself very well to "tinkering" because it IS good. If the story doesn't need "fixing" but you CAN increase the validity of the visual aspect of the production then it should be responsibly remade by motivated individuals.

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