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Re: Fringe: "Pilot" 9/9 - Grading & Discussion (SPOILERS)

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"After six hours is when they're really dead."

I admit, I could hear Miracle Max assuring me that he was only "mostly dead."

I voted Average. I suppose I have an advantage in having never gotten into any of the shows this is being compared to. But I have a pretty low tolerance for gross-out factor. The opening scenes, the mutated animals, and every view of suffering John were just unpleasant. I love John Noble, and I like the female lead, but I think the show is a little too self-aware - too cognizant of its own mysterious vibe - for me to take it seriously. "We've got a seeeecret, and oooh, it's a spooooky, scaaaary seeeecret!" I'm kinda tired of that conceit.

I'll watch one or two more, and we'll see if things get better.
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