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Re: Fringe: "Pilot" 9/9 - Grading & Discussion (SPOILERS)


Wow, that definitely did not live up to the hype! Pretty much what I expected: The X-Files, but without Mulder or Scully or even frakkin' Skinner, so what's the point?

Anna Torv was dull; about the only thing interesting about her was tracking her wavering American accent. At times, her nationality seemed to be migrating in the direction of Ireland. Jason Jackson or whatever his name is was just annoying in addition to being homely and continually reminding me of one of those yappy little dogs with the pushed-in faces and pointed ears. The old guy from LOTR had a thankless task, playing an absurd cliche and being given cheap scenes like the "pissed my pants" one.

Speaking of cliche, the plot and dialogue relied far too heavily on it. The whole thing was trying way to hard to be cool, and failing miserably. The dialogue was written with a tin ear - "terrifying terrorism"? The supposed "shocking surprise ending" was telegraphed early on. And why couldn't this story be told in a one-hour format? It was padded and draaaaged towards the end. "Average" was probably too generous, really.

Bottom line: that's it for me, not coming back next week.

And from the ratings, it's a good thing I didn't fall in love this this because considering the hype machine that Fox put behind it, the premiere ratings weren't all that hot:
Household - 5.9/9
Viewers - 9.00 M
18-49 - 3.2
That level is fine, if the show can hold onto it, but we all know about the traditional post-premiere bleed-off.

Except for the scientist they bust out of the bin, there are no likable characters in this show. None of them gave me any reason to care about what was happening to them. If they were to make a spin off centered on the scientist, I'd watch that, though.
Same here - a show about a scientist who's trying to recover from mental illness while simultaneously pursuing obsessions that might just be an aspect of his mental illness could work. Would be more interesting than rehashing old X-Files territory anyway.

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