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Re: Difference Between Earth Starfleet and the UESPA?

You had me right up until "unpatriotic." Okay, I'm lying, you didn't have me at all, but I can see the argument for wussy, sissy, and completely nonmilitary, but how exactly is UESPA -- the first words of which are the name of the nation to which it belongs, to wit, United Earth -- nonpatriotic?????
Oh, I just meant that, especially if it was supposed to be argued that UESPA was the Earth-specific combat element of the greater Starfleet, its name would be likely to make use of the usual outwardly expressions of patriotism - "defense", "security", "guard". The local militia would not hide behind the pretense of being for "space probes", it would celebrate its role in spatial mayhem in no unclear terms. Indeed, it would try and outshine the mother organization in that sense, showing that Earth defends Earth with more enthusiasm than anybody else does. Which brings in the patriotism angle.

Semantic games would probably feature in the greater business of this thread, too: the "United Federation" might in reality be anything but, in a slightly more benevolent way than the People's Democracies or the Holy Roman Empire weren't. In real-world terms, I'm not sure how much "United Federation" originally was a play on the idea of the Union and the Confederation being on the same side, but in Trek-universe terms I could easily see this rather silly and redundant name being the result of an attempt to please the proponents of a loose alliance and a tight federal state alike.

Timo Saloniemi
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