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Re: Fringe: "Pilot" 9/9 - Grading & Discussion (SPOILERS)

I enjoyed it - I had originally figured I'd watch up until Eureka came on Scifi at 9:00, but it was worth staying with the show (and Eureka repeated at midnight ). I liked Walter, esp. with the cow. And Anna Torv in her undies was, at least, relevant enough to justify it - no one gets into a sensory deprivation tank in their street clothes! My only complaint was the 3D scene titles - that was too much of a conceit, and I agree with the above post that it took one out of the scene (esp. where the camera angle changed and suddenly we were under the same title we'd just seen, as if it really existed in that world ).

As for the comments here, I really don't understand this distaste for episodic television. Sorry, but continuing story/character arcs don't automatically make a show "better" - if the story being told can be told in a single episode, I have no problem with that, as long as any reasonable ramifications from it aren't ignored or forgotten as the series progresses. As far as 'drama' goes, it's a lot more realistic - how many of us actually have a dramatic event that just goes and goes and goes, really? Life in general is a series of individual dramas - continuity, not constancy (I'm sure some people feel differently, but I'm pretty sure they're the exception rather than the rule).
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