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Favorite Time Period

I know this probably comes up all the time, but I don't remember remember what anybody said last time it did. But I was ust wondering what everybodies favorite eras were
I pretty much like all of the eras, but my three two would be the 24th Century (Post Dominion War) 24th (Post Nem.) and TOS movie.
I don't know how to do a poll so I guess I'll go ahead and list them:

22nd Century
Pre-Kirk TOS (April/Pike Enterprise)
Pre-WNMHGB TOS (Kirk, Spock, Mitchel, Kelso, ect.)
TOS series
TOS movie (TOS Movies, Challenger)
Lost Era
24th Century (Pre-Borg/Dominion)
24th Century (Dominion War)
24th Century (Post Dominion War)
24th Century (Post Nemesis)
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