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MODS can we just have one standard Batman 3 rumor thread.

Frankly until Nolan gets back and even decides what his next film will be EVERYTHING will be just rumor. Hardly worth noting. Yet in the weeks since TDK was released this is about the 4th or 5th thread with rumors on the next Nolan Batman.

I'm all for people wanting to discuss them. I'd just rather not have a new one every 10-12 days and frankly thats the current track record.
You know, we tried that with the Dark Knight Megathread ... and you know what happened? People bitched and moaned, they said that their own topics were so fundamentally important that they needed to exist outside of the Megathread, and no one paid any attention.

So, no. You rubes have shown that Science Fiction & Fantasy can't have nice things. Enjoy the weekly threads with new tidbits of information that suggest Christopher Nolan may or may not return for another Batman movie (and, of course, "plans are subject to change").
Keep it the way it is, I hate consolidated threads, because they get so filled and you end up missing posts left and right, and thread digressions end up killing the discussion since you can't ignore them without ignoring the whole thread, and frankly, it's just not as fun browsing the forums if every bit of info is in one thread. The more varied threads the better.
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