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Re: Batman 3 rumors

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I'm still a little ambivalent about the Riddler - but that's because I haven't heard what particular spin might be put on him. Penguin as an international arms dealer is good, though. If they can get those two guys, I'm sure it'd be an interesting movie.
I think The Riddler would be interesting because he would bring out Batman's detective's skills to the forefront and be the main focus of the film. I've hated the suggestions of making The Riddler into a Zodiac-esque character. I would rather have be more focused on a specific vendetta against an individual or individuals (like the Mayor or Gordon), leading the Batman through a series of traps in order to rescue either of those people or their families. Or something like that.

Another suggestion I've seen float around here is having Edward Nygma being brought in as a profiler in the hunt for Batman but then going on his own little crazy mission behind the scenes which comes to frutition for the climax.

Either way, I rather have David Tennant who has also expressed interest in playing The Riddler.
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