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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions short story--A Weaver of Lives

Mistral wrote: View Post
i am blown away. this is amazing. i am not capitalizing because, after reading this, i am small in the face of a mighty story.

check my sig for a safe place to stash stories. and the Union was created in 1776.
I really appreciate your taking the time to read this, and your kind words.

Thank you very much for the link! As I get completed works, this is where I'll be submitting them--looks like a good site.

BTW...I'm afraid you have a small math error. If you subtract 506 from 2376--suspending disbelief and making Union years equivalent to Earth years, anyway--you get 1870. Somebody was born in that year that I thought it would be kind of ironic to have a police state start up in his year...

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Wow, that was a really touching piece, thank you.

I had to look up Tekeny Ghemor's bio on Memory Alpha, and then Lawrence Pressman's bio after your comments. That was a very well written article, and a moving testimonial to the power of the character, and the actor who portrayed him.
You're very welcome, and thank YOU.

When I saw that Mr. Pressman spent a lot of time in his own life searching for family lost to the persecution of a totalitarian state...well, his ability to act that role so well really made a lot of sense. It seems to me it must have been very, very personal to him. That's why he gets a lot of credit for inspiring this.

DavidFalkayn wrote: View Post
A very powerful and moving story and the format you used was perfect for this type of tale. I like seeing experimentation in writing--sometimes you do fail, but as the old saying goes; nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Thanks...I really enjoyed trying a new form in this one, and I'm glad you feel it worked.
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