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Re: First Replicator Usage?

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Since we know that TNG replicators are transporter-based, it is a given that TNG-era transporters use little enough power for that to be practical. The question is whether the same was true in the 2260s specifically. Only evidence from TOS itself is relevant to the question of how advanced the technology was during TOS itself.
Now that presupposes that TNG and TOS transporters are sufficiently different to require separate attention.
It doesn't "presuppose" a damn thing. We don't know the technology was identical, so it's dishonest to assume it was, especially when that assumption forces the conclusion you want to arrive at anyway.

Really, I still find it distasteful to go all steampunk on TOS when the show indeed is set in a fantastic future.
Don't give me straw-man crap like that. There's nothing "steampunk" about a remarkably advanced computerized food-processing system that can miraculously preserve all kinds of foods, even fresh vegetables, far longer than modern freezers can, process it into completed dishes without human hands touching it, and cook it far faster than any microwave oven. The system proposed in TMoST is still very futuristic, so it's disingenuous in the extreme to call it "steampunk" just because it doesn't use transporters.

I'm done debating this with you. There's no point if you're going to be this unreasonable.
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