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Re: Fringe: "Pilot" 9/9 - Grading & Discussion (SPOILERS)

I voted Above Average, I too saw this at SDCC back in July.
The USA Today article had a comment from someone, Josh Jackson I think, calling it X-Files meets Indy Jones. I say no.

Yes it has shade of X-Files in the pilot. As the series goes on though I can see where it might become more than just shades of it though.

Despite JJ Abrams saying he doesn't want a precedual show ala CSI I think the show is set up to go that route. I'll assume it doesn't take that path in the episodes to come cause JJ, in theory, wouldn't take it that way based on his statments.

I think a better tag line is X-Files meets BONES, at least based on the first episode.
Creepy, out there cases.
Eccentric characters.
Characters who are intense yet knowledgable.
Witty comedy in just the right doses.

Looking forward to rewatching this tonight to see how it holds up upon a second viewing some months removed from my first viewing.
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