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Re: Greater than the Sum - What do I need to know?

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I skipped Resistance and Before Dishonor due to the generally unfavourable reviews they recieved. However, I'm now interested in buying GttS and am wondering what information I missed out on with the 2 previous books. I know that Janeway is a bit of a pain in the ass and ends up dead, that the new Ent-E crew members lead a mutiny against the old guard because they think Picard's being reckless but that the Captain is eventually proven right, and that the Borg eat Pluto. Anything else I should know?
Anything you need to know is recapped in the early chapters of the book. If anything, I probably recapped in more detail than I had to. And those past events have relatively little impact on GTTS, because it's more about moving forward with a new story. My father is currently reading GTTS, and he hasn't read any of the previous books (since the only Trek books he reads are mine), but he hasn't had any trouble following the story.
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