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Re: Navigational Defletor?

Timo wrote: View Post
Only if you think Miranda is a science craft.
The Reliant's designers certainly saw her that way:

Joe Jennings wrote:
She was supposed to be a coastal and geodetic survey ship, like a buoy tender. She would be armed, perhaps, but only lightly; she wasn't a lion ship like the Enterprise. Also, remember the Enterprise was always supposed to be an exploratory vessel, where the armament was secondary. That was even more true for the Reliant; she was supposed to just stick around in the known universe and take care of things that everybody already knew about.
TWOK seemed to follow that at least somewhat by putting the Reliant on a planet survey mission, sort of like the Grissom in TSFS.

Either way, I think I like Sternbach's take on it just as well: that there is more than one way to push unwanted particles out of a ship's path, and the ships with the big dishes use one and the ships without use another. Sort of like real life, where, for example, not everything that flies uses wings and a propeller; as such, we might expect to see several different approaches to the deflector problem developed over time.
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