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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions short story--A Weaver of Lives

Thank you!

I enjoy experimenting with different types of writing. I've written a hard news story (inverted pyramid and all) before in a Star Wars fanfic, but editorial writing was a new one for me.

When I saw Klaus' challenge over at the Trek Art forum, all of his ideas for politics-related submissions, one of the suggestions he mentioned was a news story. And this idea just insisted. Because of length, it's ineligible since I can't do anything visual (5 pages on Word!!). But I feel like cutting it down would do it a disservice.

The character of Tekeny Ghemor is one whose fingerprints I have noticed all over the Sigils and Unions universe, even though he is dead and will not be coming back to life--the phrase "weaver of lives" had already popped into my head before I ever saw that prompt. So had the incident after Kira woke up from surgery. This was a great opportunity to actually go into that. She doesn't talk about the events of "Ties of Blood and Water," really--but if you look at the others' accounts, you may see the marks of that episode on the entire piece, not just Kira's interview.

But above all, I give TREMENDOUS credit to actor Laurence Pressman. For only appearing in two episodes as Legate Ghemor, he breathed SUCH life into that character! Read his bio at Memory Alpha sometime...there's no doubt in my mind the man was channeling personal experience into the role.
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