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Re: Spider-Man 4 &5 to get underway with Sam and Tobey signed?!?

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I stopped buying Spider-Man books and haven't looked back when they broke up Peter and MJ and haven't regretted it in the slightest. I'll ignore the movies equally if they do the same. Re-cast Kirsten Dunst if you must, I'm not that attached to her, but I hope they keep the character and the relationship.
I'm with you on the comic. I don't care how well they write their 6pt New Ways to Die the story exists in a Mephisto altered reality.

The movies though do not have Peter and MJ married. The history of the character has had him with a number of romantic leads before he married MJ. She has gone to Europe, LA or just been broken up with Peter and as long as those avenues, or similar, are followed with the same respect Raimi showed the characters in Spidey1&2, pt3 had too much studio interference and it showed, then I'm fine with a limited if non-exisitent MJ in pts 4&5.
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