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Re: Data - B4 Question

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For all of the other Trek characters that have come back to life in the novels - I just can't believe that one of Star Trek's most popular characters (next to Spock - IMOP), hasn't been resurrected yet.
"All the other characters?" Of the characters who died onscreen and weren't resurrected onscreen, the only ones I'm aware of who've been brought back in the novels are Kirk and Trip -- and Trip didn't provably, conclusively die onscreen at all. Tasha is still dead in the books, Jadzia is still dead in the books, as are Admiral Forrest, Matt Decker, Khan, Terrell, David Marcus, Gowron, Dukat, Winn, Joe Carey, and countless others.

So there is no standard practice of resurrecting the dead in the books. Indeed, the books have killed off more canon characters than they've brought back.
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