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Spider-Man 4 &5 to get underway with Sam and Tobey signed?!?

It seems this is moving from the rumor mill of a year or so ago into reality.

Deadline Hollywood
It's time to end once and for all the rampant speculation. Sony doesn't want any info to leak but I'm told that both star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi will be returning to make Zodiac screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt's script of Spider-Man 4. Sources tell me that Sony has recently locked in both veterans of Spider-Man 1 through 3. And I do mean recently because just a few weeks ago sources told me that Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal was openly discussing Tobey's potential replacements with various Hollywood agents because Tobey was hanging tough about a deal. "She was looking around to cover herself because Sony wanted him badly and Tobey wasn't sure he wanted to do it," an insider explained to me. (Later today, a Sony Pictures spokesman claimed to me on the record, "There was never anyone considered for the role but Tobey.")
There's no deal yet for Kirsten Dunst but Mary Jane Watson will be in the movie again. I'm told Sony "would never recast her" despite her rehab problems. But expect another gal part, too.
Story continues in the link.

I missed the news Kirsten had been in rehab? Drugs? Alchohol? No panty addiction?

So thoughts?

I for one would love a 2pt story that has both Lizard and Man-Wolf being hunted by Kraven. Somehow tie it into a resurrected Norman Osborne who is using Kraven to test the Spider before he makes his big return in Act 1 of Spidey 5. Spread out over 2 films its not too many charcters, especially if the other "gal part" is Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat.
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