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Re: A Starfleet?

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Actually, there is talk about the possibility of mothballing Starfleet, and everybody seems to think it's a piss-poor idea! Clearly it's not standard practice at the time...
But the practise does exist - and besides the implication is the whole fleet would have to pack up and go home, where did the 7-year old Ent-A go if not into mothballs?

Yet we did see a lot of them active before the start of the war. I'd rather believe in Starfleet keeping all its Excelsiors and Mirandas fully up and running in peacetime, so that the newer Akiras and Steamrunners (which for some reason don't appear in the peacetime of TNG) can remain in pristine condition for as long as possible...
Nice thought - though I do like the idea of the Steamrunners being a fleet built to fight the Cardassian War - the quick and dirty CGI model lends itself well to a quick and dirty warship...
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