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Re: Jadzia Dax, not used in Ds9 how she was supposed to be?

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Since you're implying there is no difference between science and engineering, you could take O'Brien's lines and give them to Jadzia. Better yet no O'Brien at all would mean no Keiko and Molly, who were far more useless than anyone, let alone Jadzia. You could take Worf's lines and give them to O'Brien since Miles has more experience as a tactical officer then Worf. Contributions are best measured by what the character actually did, not just said. She was effectively used as a science officer until the war took over as the primary arc. Even then she commanded the Defiant in Sisko's absence, along with being his closest friend and confidant.
Engineering is an aspect of science, so that's right, there isn't a difference since engineering is science. O'Brien in his Engineer job played a vital role on the show, as indeed every other main character did, other than the Daxes.

I agree that Keiko and Molly were useless characters, although at least they weren't main characters, so it's less of a big deal. That doesn't make Jadzia not likewise be a useless character, though. Simplest empirical benchmark test for this: did anything meaningful change about the show after Jadzia died? Nope. No effect on the show whatsoever. If she was a useful character, this would not be the case.

I agree that the characters are important not just for what they said, but what they did. Although having generic, inter-changeable 'talking head' dialogue, which 100% of Jadzia's dialogue was, is always a sign of bad writing/bad character and universally makes for bad entertainment regardless of if her actions had some merit of her being a character that exists on the show.

However, Jadzia fails on the "what she did" front too. She never did anything interesting or important. She did nothing that couldn't have been done by any of a whole slew of other characters. If O'Brien had 100% of her lines, they would have had to make very, very few changes to the scripts and how the scenes that they shot were shot, or what they shot. Anything that couldn't be given to O'Brien (ie: 'friend who listens to Sisko') could certainly have been given to Kira. There is no other main character on DS9 who could have been so easily removed (other than Ezri); because all the others are way more useful & intergral to the plot of the show.

I agree that Worf was useless as a 'tactical officer' on the show and that job too was already more than adequately covered by other characters. But his presence on the show allowed them to segway into some excellent Klingon content which they couldn't have done without him. Which therefore made him a useful character to the show.

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