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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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Don't be absurd.
You first.

And how are my two statements incompatible?
If you have to ask, you'll never understand.

I'm sure it's mutual.

Well, there's an obvious selection bias there, because any woman who didn't loathe her sex to begin with would never have chosen to join a family with that mentality.

Although to be fair, I'm often not very fond of men myself. Right now, for instance.

Then how in the world did you ever meet your wife in the first place? Let alone get her to like you?

In that case, we already have a better future. Because there used to be more people like that.

Then you don't like Star Trek, you like certain minor aspects of Star Trek. I like Sarah Palin's smile, but that doesn't make me a Republican.

Take away the ship and technology of Star Trek and the show becomes barely recognizable.

I wouldn't call those "minor aspects".
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