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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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Don't be absurd.
You first.

And how are my two statements incompatible?
If you have to ask, you'll never understand.

I don't like working with women.
I'm sure it's mutual.

None of the men in my family liked working with women.

None of the women in my family liked working with women (especially my mother who despised working with women).
Well, there's an obvious selection bias there, because any woman who didn't loathe her sex to begin with would never have chosen to join a family with that mentality.

Although to be fair, I'm often not very fond of men myself. Right now, for instance.

So I do not like being around women aside from my wife, daughter, and sisters.
Then how in the world did you ever meet your wife in the first place? Let alone get her to like you?

Now most people are not like that I'm sure...
In that case, we already have a better future. Because there used to be more people like that.

I like Star Trek. The technology and ship designs I have always found intriguing.
Then you don't like Star Trek, you like certain minor aspects of Star Trek. I like Sarah Palin's smile, but that doesn't make me a Republican.

And I've loved space exploration both in science fiction and in the real world since I can remember.
Exploration only works if you open your mind. Besides, aren't you the one always complaining that there's too much science and exploration and not enough war and killing in the books?

Something my mother was also fascinated by though she thought it was a waste of taxpayer dollars.
The women in your family sound very conflicted.

I hope that explains some of the things I like about Star Trek.
It doesn't explain why you think it should all be like that.

But shouldn't all this stuff be in another thread somewhere?
You started the thread and expressed the opinions that are being challenged.
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