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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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I'm all for a better future.

I just think it would be better portrayed with an all male cast.
Those are mutually incompatible statements. And it's sad and pathetic that you can't understand that.

Besides, how can you be hetero and think that anything is better without women??

Remember, the early years of "Law & Order" (which are considered quite good) featured an all male main cast.
And nobody ever reruns them on TV, except at 3 AM.


Don't be absurd.

And how are my two statements incompatible?

I don't like working with women.

None of the men in my family liked working with women.

None of the women in my family liked working with women (especially my mother who despised working with women).

So I do not like being around women aside from my wife, daughter, and sisters.

Now most people are not like that I'm sure...but my opinions are what they are. My Star Trek preferences are what they are.

I like Star Trek. The technology and ship designs I have always found intriguing. And I've loved space exploration both in science fiction and in the real world since I can remember. Something my mother was also fascinated by though she thought it was a waste of taxpayer dollars.

I hope that explains some of the things I like about Star Trek.

But shouldn't all this stuff be in another thread somewhere?
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