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Re: Read & Reread "Greater Than The Sum"- My Opinion (Spoilers)

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Canvas's can change.
This one won't. Just like we won't suddenly have a book that says "whoops, turns out transporters don't exist!"
Are you so sure about that?

What if we had a book set in the decades after Voyager perhaps and the "matter transmitter" transporters have been completely replaced by "micro warp field" transporters?
You're missing the point, though in fairness I may have argued it poorly. Allow me to restate.

From 1966-2008, a fundamental point of Star Trek was that diversity is a benefit. Every series, in every form, has had this as a central tenet. It is possible that at some point in the future a show called Star Trek will be created that espouses an alternate morality, but given that this has been a bedrock principle of the universe for 42 years, it seems like a silly thing to want.

To better use my earlier analogy, if you want to spend your time complaining every time you read a Star Trek book that the transporters are unrealistic, be my guest! You'd certainly be right about that. Similarly, you can spend all the time you want arguing that Starfleet is a military organization that doesn't make sense, and (though I think you're completely wrong) you may have your reasons for believing that, too.

But either way you're going against a fundamental part of the Star Trek universe that has existed in every single bit of it so far. So why bother?
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